Off to the Okanagan

April 22- May 2, 2016 will find us on the road again for a visit to the beautiful Okanagan Valley in BC.  With a 9.5 hour drive west on the Crowsnest Highway, we’ve decided to break the trip into a two day drive with an overnight stop at a little AirBnB in Creston.  We could shave 1.5 hours off our trip by taking the TransCanada Highway through Banff and Lake Louise but we’ll do that route on the way home.  We love Highway 3 and the way it meanders through all the cute little towns.  Besides, we’re in no hurry!  Our destination is Kelowna, where we’ve traded a week of time shares at Panorama for a week at the Holiday Park Resort.   I’m pretty excited to see what the Okanagan is like in the spring.

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