Hockey Night in Spokane

Today’s blog is a pretty short one…

imageOur agenda for the day was pretty simple… We had tickets to a WHL hockey game in Spokane at 7pm.  We watched a movie, played some Crib and went for a long walk during the day.  The weather was cool and threatened rain so a lazy day at the resort was kind of nice.

The Spokane Chiefs were playing the Kamloops Blazers at the Spokane Arena.  We got there in plenty of time to have a look around.  They’ve done an awesome job of honouring past athletes of the area in their Wall of Fame which recognizes athletes from every sport dating back to the early 1900’s.

I think we were the only people in the stands singing the Canadian Anthem!  The puck dropped and the action began.  The Chiefs dominated in the first period but couldn’t score.  Then the Blazers came on strong and ended up winning the game 3-2.  We left the arena happy.

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