Memory Lane

On our way to Creston today we passed by Tie Lake… about half an hour east of Cranbrook.  I suggested that since we were in no hurry we should drive up to the lake and see if we could find the cabin that my Aunt Myrtle and Uncle Bert owned many years ago.  By chance, we came upon Thistle Drive which sounded familiar to me.  A walk down the path to the lake confirmed I had the right area but I couldn’t remember which cabin was theirs.  Then we stopped to chat with a neighbor who steered me to the right cabin and she suggested I go knock on the door and introduce myself.


We were welcomed in immediately and the memories flooded in…the old outhouse out back, the compost pile, the wonderful sunny deck, the wooden bunks… Our names and height scratched into the posts!  Little of  that remains now but it all came back vividly when I crossed that threshold.  Lazy summer days of fun with cousins on the lake  boating, swimming and water skiing.  Aunty Myrtle launching little “boats” on the lake at night made from empty milk cartons filled with crumpled newspaper and set on fire…Uncle Bert encouraging me to try skiing with just one ski…hot summer days…lovely tanned skin…humming birds…the memories go on and on!


Life was simple then…or was it just that I was a kid?  Whatever… I am grateful to have had the chance to experience such fun times.

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