Preparing for our Trip Across Canada


We’ve just realized we’re only about three months from our departure date…it sounds like a lot of time but it goes so quickly!.

Jim is busy copying tons of music to our i-pod so that we have a great selection to listen to while we’re on the road.  Right now we have 50 Nursery Rhymes on it that we uploaded for Carlo to listen to and they have got to go!!!  Nothing more annoying than cruising along listening to Bob Seger and then all of a sudden we’re listening to Baa Baa Black Sheep!

I’ve been busy researching places along the way and getting tips from other travellers so we don’t miss any of the “must-see” places across this vast country of ours.

And of course, letting people know that we hope to drop in for a visit along the way…difficult when you don’t have a scheduled itinerary so we will have to take our chances.

Plan is to leave around the 1st of June…can we expect to see the gas prices remain low as they are now?  78.9 and under would sure be nice!

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Recently retired with a passion for seeing new places and learning new things... This blog will be my attempt to diarize our travels and allow our family and friends the pleasure of the ride from the comfort of their homes. We're not rich....the blog will be a testament to travelling on a budget and optimizing our experiences with as much free stuff as possible!

7 thoughts on “Preparing for our Trip Across Canada”

  1. What a great retirement plan! I can’t wait to read all about it. Enjoy and go wherever your heart leads you.

  2. See Canada first!! What a great idea. Looking forward to
    Reading. I followed the trip made by a Dutch relative and
    Learned more about the world.

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