Music to our Ears

With regard to music for our trip, we knew at the time of purchase that we would have to remove the “tape deck” that came with our van and replace it with a more current music option.  Last year we replaced the stereo with one that takes CD’s and has a USB port and Bluetooth.  So now  it boiled down to three options:

1) we could take a busload of cd’s

2) we could take a few of our favorite cd’s and hate them by the time we got back

3)we could load an iPod with thousands of songs and play them through the stereo via Bluetooth.

Option 3 seemed like a no-brainer.  Now we’re in the process of filling the iPod with music that we both like.  This is a much more difficult and time consuming task  than we expected!  Neither of us have much experience with iTunes so we’re learning along the way…flipping back and forth among playlists and deciding whether to put a specific song in  a “shaggin'” song list or a “driving” song list, a “general” songIMG_1438 list, etc.  We were half way through creating the various playlists when we noticed that some of them were in two lists!  After painstakingly writing things out and checking one list against another, we discovered we could just right-click on a song to find out what playlists it is in….Oh, the woes of trip planning in an electronic world!

CCR, Eagles, The Guess Who, Chilliwack,  Bob Seger…get ready to entertain us on the road!


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Recently retired with a passion for seeing new places and learning new things... This blog will be my attempt to diarize our travels and allow our family and friends the pleasure of the ride from the comfort of their homes. We're not rich....the blog will be a testament to travelling on a budget and optimizing our experiences with as much free stuff as possible!

7 thoughts on “Music to our Ears”

  1. Nicely done Mom! Look at ya! Blogging…rad.
    However, Lize and I are slightly concerned about what might be going down when the “shaggin” playlist is happening…

  2. I’m with you Holly, and I thought it must be my age! Too much information. But otherwise enjoying finally catching up with your blog. Won’t be trying anything like this myself.

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