And We’re Off!

We’ve talked about it for years, we’ve planned it for months…today is the beginning of a bucket list fulfillment…

It’s been raining the whole of May Long Weekend…very typical in southern Alberta but depressing nonetheless.  Unless, of course, you’re a farmer…which we aren’t!  We spent the weekend packing our van, emptying our fridge, cleaning our house and spending time with our family.

Our family…two beautiful little grandsons aged 2  and 6 months.  We wonder how we will manage four months without seeing them.  We will miss Carlo’s 3rd birthday on the 4th of July and Lewis may be walking the next time we see him!  We hope we can compensate with virtual hugs via  the use of electronic technology.  Thank you FaceTime for being available.  We’ve left them with a laminated map of Canada with the hopes that Mommy and Daddy will help them track our trip across the country.


Much of the weekend was spent trying to decide what route to take; checking weather forecasts daily for various spots around the province.  Our original plan was to head to Banff, take the Icefields Parkway to Jasper and then head east to Edmonton in time for a good friend’s wedding on May 28th.  But rain in our area means snow in the mountains and we are just not emotionally prepared to start our SUMMER holiday in WINTER conditions!


So here we are…our decision made just this morning as we shared breakfast with our two little munchkins and our beautiful daughter.  Miles, the moose, is propped up on the dash of the van where he will point us in the direction of our daily destinations.  He’s done this before…he travelled across the country two years ago with Lis and Dennis so he’s a seasoned traveller…you can watch for him in future posts.  Today he will take us to the Alberta Badlands.  Stay tuned!

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Recently retired with a passion for seeing new places and learning new things... This blog will be my attempt to diarize our travels and allow our family and friends the pleasure of the ride from the comfort of their homes. We're not rich....the blog will be a testament to travelling on a budget and optimizing our experiences with as much free stuff as possible!

11 thoughts on “And We’re Off!”

  1. Have a fantastic time guys…you deserve it! Looking forward to your updates. And turn that weather app off! The heart of every great adventure is the unknown. ? Love you two!

  2. Looking forward to being part of your cross Canada trip!! Excellent reading from your earlier blogs! Obvious that you two will find fun wherever you are!!

  3. Enjoy your journey and I have a feeling you totally will enjoy. I’m just looking forward to reading all about it and feel I’m somehow part of this journey too. Enjoy, stay safe and have lots of fun.

  4. Travel safe, enjoy the journey and have lots of fun. It will be so much fun to travel with you through your blog.

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